Water Damage Restoration Las Vegas NV

Water Damage Restoration Las Vegas NVLooking for the right company to take your emergency response due to water damage in Las Vegas NV? Bolmer Restoration is here for you! With over 10 years in business and exceptional customer service, we will take care of any flooding, burst pipe, roof leak, or any other water damage emergency you may have.

We offer emergency flood damage cleanup and restoration services. To not wait too long to call us before your damage become greater and more costly.

Our water restoration specialists will remove any emergency flood you may have from a plumbing pipe, leak, ceiling leak, or even hidden leaks. Don’t let these emergencies go for too long.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our professional technicians are fully equipped and ready to take on any water damage. Le us mitigate the damage and fully restore your home or business!
Contact us today! Emergency service available!