Water damage specialists in Las Vegas

water damage specialists in las vegas

Looking for a water damage specialists in Las Vegas and can’t find one? Bolmer Restoration provides high quality water damage cleanup, removal and restoration services at a low price. Whether you have a small water leak with a small water flood or a big water over flow with greater damages to repair. Bolmer Restoration has top water damage specialists that are certified and well trained to handle any job.

Water damage specialists in Las Vegas

If you find yourself with a flood, we are the right guys for you to call. We will remove every last drop of water, moisture and hidden trapped water molecules inside walls, carpet or even wood. We have the proper state of the art equipment to handle any type of water damage. Don’t wait too long to call us, it is important to start the water damage removal immediately and avoid any mold buildup. No matter what caused your water damage, a lot of homeowners go through this and your not alone. Let water damage specialists like ourselves to restore your property today! If you need a plumber, call Rooter Man plumbing Las Vegas.

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