Smoke Restoration Services Las Vegas

smoke restoration las vegas

smoke-restorationThe fire has been extinguished, so you are out of the clear right? Wrong! Smoke damages from fires continue after the fire has settled unless emergency services step in immediately.

Right after a fire, soot and residues settle on to your property which can cause discoloration of materials, along with acidic soot staining surfaces if not treated quickly. Within hours all surfaces will face consequences of smoke. Wood furniture may need refinishing, walls will discolor, metal will corrode, and flooring may need to be replaced.

In case of smoke damage, we get to work FAST to replace your home to its original condition avoiding any further costs or damages.  We provide structural cleaning and thorough deodorization using an advanced ozone and thermal fog technology.  Smoke damage can be confusing, so we will determine what is restorable and what must be replaced for you, reporting directly to your insurance company.

We work as quickly as possible to help you through the stress and trauma of these types of events, bringing you a sense of clarity and reassurance throughout the entire process.

Here is more information on why smoke damages need to be properly cleaned:

General Contractor License: 072647 — Monetary Limit: $200,000.00

Painting Contractor License: 072646 — Monetary Limit: $200,000.00