Mold Restoration Services Las Vegas

mold restoration las vegas

mold-restorationMolds will grow anywhere that 3 conditions take place: moisture, oxygen, and an organic food source. Although molds play a large role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem in our world, they can turn from friends to foe instantly. Adverse reactions from exposure includes: sensitivities, allergies, asthma, disease, and toxic reactions. Mold can produce allergic and odorous chemicals as well as toxic metabolites.

The Center for Disease Control recommends any mold formation in your house to be remediated and provides the guides that we use to ensure your home is returned to a  safe environment.

At Bolmer, we are certified by the IICRC for remediating the microbial activity from the areas affected and provide a safe environment.

Once remediation  is complete, we suggest that a third party hygienist is called in to perform a clearance test.   We work side by side with the insurance company for your convenience and ensure the highest quality satisfaction.

For common symptoms of mold exposure and more information on mold please go here:

General Contractor License: 072647 — Monetary Limit: $200,000.00

Painting Contractor License: 072646 — Monetary Limit: $200,000.00