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We are a general construction and painting company, specializing in water, mold, fire and smoke cleanup and restoration. Las Vegas is our home, where we have been helping our community restore their homes and businesses since 2009.

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water restoration las vegas

Flash floods, broken pipes, and roof leaks can all lead to unexpected mass water damage in your home or business. Water damage required immediate attention, otherwise it can lead to serious damages. The number 1 thing to do if you ever have any kind of water damage is to obtain emergency services to extract and clear the water and immediately begin drying. Water can seep into cracks and corners and begin creating the perfect environment from mold and mildew to begin setting in, causing even more damage. Bolmer helps you prevent this from Step 1, remaining in constant contact with your insurance company, and throughout the mitigation process. Read More!


fire restoration las vegas

When a fire occurs in your home or business the emotional toll can sometimes be greater than the physical toll. The first thing you need to realize and understand is that you are not alone in the matter. Bolmer Restoration is here to help you through from start to finish.  Once the fire department has extinguished the fire, the water from the fire department needs to be removed. Read More!


mold restoration las vegas

Molds will grow anywhere that 3 conditions take place: moisture, oxygen, and an organic food source. Although molds play a large role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem in our world, they can turn from friends to foe instantly. Adverse reactions from exposure includes: sensitivities, allergies, asthma, disease, and toxic reactions. Mold can produce allergic and odorous chemicals as well as toxic metabolites. Read More!


smoke restoration las vegas

The fire has been extinguished, so you are out of the clear right? Wrong! Smoke damages from fires continue after the fire has settled unless emergency services step in immediately.

Right after a fire, soot and residues settle on to your property which can cause discoloration of materials, along with acidic soot staining surfaces if not treated quickly. Within hours all surfaces will face consequences of smoke. Wood furniture may need refinishing, walls will discolor, metal will corrode, and flooring may need to be replaced. Read More!